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Fantastic podcast. The discussion about Richard Hoskins and the Torso in the Thames case which, being in America, I'd never heard of until listening to the podcast, was especially fascinating. (I too was reading the Wikipedia articles on the case while Herbalist spoke.) While listening, I was also traveling back in my own memory to what I experienced on 9/11 and after. (I live in the Greater NYC area, watched the Twin Towers fall on TV, visited the site a number of times shortly after the rubble was cleared, and had some business acquaintances who were present in both WTC attacks, 9/11 and the one in the 90's.) Again, great episode and guest!

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Thank you, friend. The Torso in the Thames was a terrifying case that really lifted the lid on the dangers of the multicultural project. It's not a wonder that, even without 9/11, it was forgotten.

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