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IN THE RAW 37: Alex Petkas

IN THE RAW 37: Alex Petkas

I talk with the man behind Cost of Glory about the Classics, Plutarch and why the new Napoleon film was such a disappointment

I’m sure you’re all familiar with Alex Petkas, this week’s guest. He’s the learned sage behind The Cost of Glory podcast, a Classics-based show that aims to inspire virtue in the listener through biographies of the ancient world’s greatest heroes.

In this episode, Alex and I talk about everything from the state of the Classics to the latest Napoleon film and why it’s verboten to portray great men today as great men.

Visit the Cost of Glory website for more information. The Cost of Glory is available on Youtube and all major podcast platforms.

About The Cost of Glory

Do you want to get great ideas from the greatest people?

Well, I did.  

But unfortunately, Plutarch’s Parallel Lives – the world’s greatest library of real ancient heroes – is really hard to listen to in audio form.     

I tried to put them on in the car, or when I was folding the laundry.  I struggled through all the difficult sentences and obscure names, the jarring shifts of context.  And I got lost and confused.

Again and again.

That’s saying a lot, because I used to be a professional classicist, and a university professor.  Plutarch was in my wheelhouse.  I taught his books in many of my courses on Greco-Roman antiquity.

So after I left academia, I decided to make the podcast that I wanted to exist back then.  

It’s called The Cost of Glory.  Plutarch’s Lives, retold dramatically, for busy people trying to accomplish things.  All the highlights, best quotes, greatest moments.  With analysis and practical takeaways.

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