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I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Here's a belated gift for you: a conversation with my good friend JAD, a man who speaks from a vast experience of life and art

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My friend JAD is a cool dude. He’s one of those people who’ve lived the lives of about five or ten very different people and somehow managed to integrate all those disparate perspectives into a worldview that’s striking, original — and, amazingly, coherent. He’s written for MAN’S WORLD twice: a Meditations essay on the necessity of male rites of passage, and an exclusive extract from his latest novel, Life in the Late Creepzoid.

In this forty-minute conversation, JAD and I talk about his writing for MAN’S WORLD, the perilous state of masculinity, modern dating, the pandemic and much more…

Beneath his biography, which JAD wrote himself, there’s also an exclusive short essay JAD wrote after our conversation, since we talked a lot about our problems and not so much about the solutions. JAD will be back.

JAD’s website is

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I introduce myself. My focus is integrating the human system. I perused this topic in my Ph.D. thesis. I continued this road with three years postgraduate training in psychology. I then maintained a private practice in Manhattan for two decades.   

Concurrently I spent those years working in the esoteric world and had experiences that profoundly changed me. All these paths guide my work and authorship. 

My approach is energetic. I will use the metaphor of a computer to explain.  You have a screen, programs, machine language and the hardware that it runs on. The screen is your current state of self, the programs are what create that self and the machine language is your original design.   

By three years of age your original machine language is overlaid with malware from the environment. This malware subverts the original function of your machine language. Henceforth anything that shows up on your screen is not you, it is malware. Incidentally this model perfectly overlays our collective global situation.  

Reclamation requires erasing the malware.  Your authentic design then arises on the screen of you. This is an individual task and one for humanity at large.  Do this or perish is the reality we have created. 


Welcome to the real world Neo, where the Blue Pill no longer works.  You may have been so busy with it all that you didn’t notice its expiry date had past.  You got up this morning, popped it in your mouth and reached for your phone.  Swiping through the latest crap on TX Slime, you found none of it made any sense to you.  You are in a sorry state.  The Blue Pill doesn’t work and you have forgotten the Red Pill exists.  You are in Reality Purgatory and in your case there is no white rabbit or Tiffany to save you.  You are on your own. 

Don’t feel picked on, the same goes for everyone and particularly for those who run the world.  While we are having a hard time with this, the great ones are ‘très fucked.’  Have you noticed it doesn’t go well for them any more?  The saggy, blind guys aren’t as liked as they were a few months ago.  Wars and financial manipulation that seemed a shoe in this spring, crumble under their feet.  The saggy, blind ones are no longer sure of themselves. They are confronted with mortality and they aren’t used to the smell of their own rot.  Hubris is its own reward.  Let’s not pick on old white guys as the great ones come in all colors, from all around the world.  And let’s not just pick on the men as there are a host of equally rotting women out there.  

The general burn that is frying all of us is this Reality Purgatory.  We are caught between a cultural algorithm that no longer exists, and a future we don’t have the courage to embrace.  Cowards we are, pretty much on mass.  We want change but must protect at all costs whatever enlightened goal we cling to, so as to claim our right to exist in the face of the illusion whitewash perpetrated from above.  We love to be tricked into chasing our entitlement in a fury that brings the desired outcome of the saggy blind.  We take the sucker punch every time, and feel so special when we hit the matt. 

Let me tell you a secret.  You will probably disbelieve me when I tell you what it is.  I credit you for your disbelief as it signals that you are not the walking dead.  The secret is that the algorithm of illusion that has been running humans of Earth since the beginning of recorded history collapsed about three months ago.  You may cry bullshit, but if you take an even half serious look at what has taken place since this summer you will have to consider the statement.  The old operating system for humanity is done, and what is left is running on fumes.  The saggy blind ones continue to play Wizard of Oz but the smoke doesn’t come out of the machine.  They are freaked.  That is the good news. 

The bad news is you haven’t registered that their con is over.  It is not just over today or this week.  It is not over just next month or next year, it is over.  This leaves you with some decisions to make.  You can keep banging away with conspiracy theories on TX Slime that say the bad guys will lock you up in a room with a chip in you ass. You can curl up in the fetal position and hope for the best. You can vote for the saggy blind of your choice in whatever gender, shape or color that is offered in your country. Or, you can wake up and take a good look at yourself and explore how you are the one that is running the show of your own oppression.  You can understand you avoid this to keep in place your false illusion of existence.  Give up that creepy little false illusion entity.  Open the top drawer, take out the red pill and choke it down, dry or with beverage. Get on with it. 

What is it you should get on with?  You should get on with you.  You are not the half burned marshmallow you find yourself reduced to.  Acknowledge your complicity in the melting of your self, put on your big boy or girl pants and grow up.  Become what you are. Stop spinning around in the arc of madness that is prepackaged for you to choke down on your phone with your morning Starfucks.  Spit out the poison, vomit it up and take your own self in your hands.  Design a life that you can live that does not depend on ‘likes’ of support from a host of unknown morons.  If you think the saggy blind are terrified now, just think what state of mind they will be in if this action is taken en mass. 

Back to the title of this article, ‘Your OS Is No Longer Supported.’  Neither is it for the saggy blind and their support isn’t coming back, ever.  The operating system that would allow it to no longer exists. You can forget history, actually you could forget history in the first place, most of it is not true.  Even if it was, its lessons are completely useless to deal with what is coming.  You will have to create everything anew, on the run.  From here on, give up the false, marketed tombs of your culture.  They are useless for survival.  They have gone bye, bye; forever.  Your Spandex has expired.  Now you must shape up or sag, the choice is yours.  

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